Results 2016

Low Risk

Month Pair Return Date Risk Type Win/Loss
May AUD/USD 25% 13-May Low Won
EUR/USD 30% 6-May Low Won
April EUR/AUD 30% 22-Apr Low Lost
USD/CAD 35% 15-Apr Low Won
EUR/GBP 25% 08-Apr Low Lost
March EUR/JPY 28% 25-Mar Low Won
AUD/JPY 25% 18-Mar Low Won
AUD/USD 24% 14-Mar Low Won
USD/CAD 30% 11-Mar Low Won
EUR/AUD 25% 4-Mar Low Won
February EUR/GBP 30% 26-Feb Low Won
EUR/GBP 30% 12-Feb Low Won
January USD/CAD 30% 29-Jan Low Won
USD/JPY 30% 22-Jan Low Lost
EUR/USD 30% 15-Jan Low Won
EUR/USD 30% 8-Jan Low Won

High Risk

Month Pair Return Date Risk Type Win/Loss
May EUR/GBP 109% 16-May High Lost
EUR/USD 201% 2-May High Won
April USD/CAD 108% 18-Apr High Won
USD/JPY 104% 11-Apr High Lost
AUD/JPY 174% 4-Apr High Lost
March EUR/JPY 128% 21-Mar High Won
EUR/GBP 100% 07-Mar High Won
February EUR/GBP 90% 22-Feb High Won
EUR/JPY 90% 12-Feb High Won
EUR/GBP 90% 15-Feb High Won
January GBP/JPY 100% 1-Feb High Lost
EUR/USD 100% 25-Jan High Lost
EUR/GBP 90% 18-Jan High Won
GBP/USD 111% 11-Jan High Won
AUD/USD 115% 4-Jan High Won

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