Why Trade With Binary Fixed Odds?

binary fixed oddsTrading with financial binary fixed odds offers a unique way in which you can profit from the movements of financial markets. It is becoming increasing popular as it not only offers the potential to earn high profits, it also limits risks and is very easy to get into.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should be using binary fixed odds trading.

  • Simple To Understand
    Fixed Odds binary contracts are easy to place and simple to understand. With low minimum account opening values and the ability to start placing contracts from just £5, Binary Fixed Odds brings the potential to profit from financial markets to a wide audience.
  • Limited Risks
    Your risk (potential loss) is limited to your stake. You know both your potential winnings and your liability prior to placing your trade! There is no chance of a “margin call” and you cannot trade with money that has not been credited to your account.
  • Trade A Range Of Markets From One Account
    Binary Fixed Odds offer convenience with the ability to trade an ever increasing number of markets from just one account. At present you can place contracts on Stock Indices, Currencies and an ever increasing number of individual shares and commodities.
  • Multiple Trade Types To Take Advantage Of Different Market Conditions
    With Fixed Odds Binary you are not limited to simply Long or Short trades. This is because you select not only the market you wish to trade but also the way in which you believe the market will behave. You can profit from not only traditional long/short strategies but also place specific contracts to take advantage of range bound and volatile markets… in fact there is a contract for any market condition!
  • Tax Free Profits
    As Fixed Odds binary trading is technically classed as betting all returns made are tax free! Apart from the spread there are no other hidden or additional charges. The price you are quoted for your contract is the price you pay. And of course your winnings are just that… your winnings!

Our Service

Binary.com offer a wide range of contract  types that allow you to profit from a variety of market conditions. We specialise in the Higher/ Lower and No Touch contracts to produce signals for binary options trading.

It is easy to trade our signals because we use set trading windows. Our alerts are sent Monday morning between 09:00-11:00  and Friday Evenings 18:00-20:00. (UK Time).

Below is an explanation of how the contracts work in the real world.

Higher / Lower Contract

higher lower trading contract

Concept: The idea behind this contract is that the price of the asset will finish either HIGHER or LOWER than the price level you specify. So, if you select HIGHER than a specific price level, when the contract terminates, if price is above the level you specified then you win. If it is below then you lose.

Example:  You are Bullish EUR/USD and you expect it to finish higher than 1.3500 in 4 days time. If price finishes above 1.3500 in 4 days time you win. It does not matter what price does during those 4 days, only where it ends at the end of those 4 days (when the contract expires).

No Touch Contract

No Touch Contract

Concept: The idea behind this contact is that the price of the asset will not touch the price level you specify for the duration (which you also specify) of the contract.

Example: Following gains you expect GBP/USD to struggle to break resistance at 1.3700. You place a No Touch contract for 7 days and specify 1.3700 as your level. Provided price does not touch this level during the life of the contract you win.

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Financial betting and trading carries a level of risk. You should only ever speculate with money you are prepared to lose. Please ensure that this form of trading matches your investment objectives and you have read and understand both our terms and conditions and those of Binary.com. If you unsure as to whether this type of financial speculation is suitable then please seek advice from an independent professional and refrain from using any services on this website.